How to Deliver an Amazing Tour

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Estimated course time: 120 minutes

Learn how to transition from ‘page to the stage’. This course gives you essential tools of Service, Guiding and Leadership to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime tour. Click for more information.


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You will learn in this class:

  • Defining Service – how to host a tour
  • Your rights as a tour guide
  • Logical Logistics – Dos and Dont’s of Guiding
  • Guiding Essentials – Mistakes to Avoid
  • Leading the ‘right’ way
  • How the Mazlov Pyramid is the key to tour success
  • And much more..

Have you ever felt like guests treat you as a servant on tour? Or you’ve lost control of the group? Or found that guests are distracted and not listening to you?

EastguidesWest has too! You have to understand basic physiological needs before creating a fun atmosphere on your tours. Guests need to know about money, electricity, and what’s happening next before you can deliver any tour commentary.

Learn how to politely say ‘no’ to guests if they are asking for a service that you are uncomfortable with, or that is illegal.

This EastguidesWest course will cover all this and more, so you can guide tours with confidence, demonstrating service, guiding skills and leadership. Become visible on our jobs recruitment platform by taking this tourism course training.

Customised onsite solutions are available. Contact EastguidesWest to arrange tailored onsite training for your team.

This eCourse is aimed at all tour guides.

3 reviews for How to Deliver an Amazing Tour

  1. Nasiba

    A guide may be good at history but may not have good leadership skills. In Fact often tourists not always remember history but they always keep in their mind the attitude of a guide towards them . Therefore it might be important to learn how to treat your tourists and how to be a good leader .I would like to say thank you for this course . From this course I have learned a lot of vital information to develop my leadership skills . I will definitely use the knowledge that I got from the course on practice . Thank youuuuu!!!

    • Barnaby Davies

      Thank you so much for leaving a review, Nasiba. You’ve engaged and participated during our training calls, and grown so much as a leader. We know you’ll take great care of the guests!

  2. Shovkat Komiljonov

    I remember when I had my first group of tourists about 1.5 years ago I was running the tour and at the same time, I was realizing that was making many small and big mistakes because of my less experience. In my next tour, I was lucky to have a very experienced, professional (with 30+ years of experience) group leader who came together with the group and that was the time I learned literally A LOT of guiding technics from him. I was a tour guide and at the same time became his student on the tour. Because he was a very kind soul, he thought me way too many tips/ups and downs and all the major technics of how to manage the group and deliver an amazing tour. But today I finished this wonderful eCourse and I can now say without any doubt that I explored hidden gems/technics/nuances of guiding which are vitally important to know to be able to deliver an AMAZING TOUR. Literally!
    The course is divided into 3 parts which are Service, Guiding, and Leadership Essentials. It talks about what to pay attention to deliver a successful tour, how do you give guests perfect service, Which qualities does a tour guide need in service, are you, as a tour guide, a service provider or server, importance of the first impression and caring your guests (because Nobody cares what you know unless they know that you care), case studies and real-life examples, in addition to this there are several videos that explain and answers the above-mentioned topics.
    There is a lot to tell, but you better take this course and gain valuable knowledge from the very experts in their field.
    Thank you and you take care of yourself and your loved ones.

  3. Islom Ibragimov

    How to Deliver an Amazing Tour? Each guide / tourleader can answer this question differently. But today I have to admit that I learned a lot of new information through this online course. I’ve come to realize that what I’ve never noticed or thought I didn’t need is very important. I was especially impressed by the Mazlov Pyramid. To be a great tourleader, the main goal should be to constantly work on yourself and improve your knowledge and skills. Special thanks to Barnaby Davies for sharing and teaching us such invaluable knowledge. I recommend anyone who aims to become a super guide / leader to buy and study these courses. Just Super!
    Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Sjannie and Barnaby, you are doing a Great Job!
    Islam Ibragimov
    Qualified Guide in Uzbekistan

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