How to Design An Amazing Tour

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Estimated course time: 90 minutes

Make more money on your tours! Compete on quality, not price. Learn how to beat your competitors by offering the ‘Wow’ factor. Click for more information.

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You will learn:

  • How experiences beat tours
  • How you can improve existing tours OR design brand NEW tours
  • How tourism has moved on
  • What guests want (not what you want)
  • How to create the “WOW” factor.
  • How to beat your competition
  • And much more…

Don’t make your tours cheaper to be competitive. Charge MORE money on your tours by offering value using the techniques in this course.

This course is 1 in a series of 12 courses. When you complete all 12, you will receive internationally recognised ILM accreditation.

5 reviews for How to Design An Amazing Tour

  1. Kamila Kusmierek

    This course really DOES capture all of the components of an amazing tour. It enhances what guests psychologically need from a tour in order to remember the tour operator and come back as patrons. The course is fun to learn and the examples are put together very well, so that the participants really do remember the course content quickly. The beautiful photographs and charming videos do make learning easy and attractive, too. The course challenges the participant asking very good questions about how to design an amazing tour. This stimulates a deep thought process. Each one of us on the road knows a lot. With this amazing course, you learn how to use it. Great job, EastGuidesWest, keep going, keep up the good work!

  2. Saidjon Muminov

    It was very exiting and easy to catch, attractive with brilliant video examples. In my personal judgment, the text of eclass was carefully made and was super easy to read and make decisions. And i am sure, even new English learners can make it

  3. Altynai Taalaybekova

    I really liked your online course. Especially videos were great and useful! It will be great to have more examples in video format. All text is written in a simple way with simple and understandable sentences.

  4. Abdurashid Abdukarimov

    This course is a very usefull and important for all newcomers, but also experienced professionals on the the way to make a different quality products with WOW effect in a way like real western people want.
    Together with our new knowledge and experience on Millenials habit it would help us all to create new amazing tours and product with more value and magnificance to our destinations.

  5. Erkaiym Zhusupova

    The course is so useful and inspiring! I’ve learned a lot of things so that it was important for me to write down all what you give us.
    I put myself to the place of my guest and try create some ideas how to make the tour more interactive and memorable. I hope, you will like it. I’ll be still thinking about crazy ideas or just interesting ideas for implementing.

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