How to Price Your Tour

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Estimated course time: 120 minutes

You will learn how to understandenable and achieve financial freedom, empowering you to increase your income on your next tour. Click for more information.

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You will learn in this class:

  • How to make your tour business more profitable
  • What western tourists will / will not pay for
  • How to dynamically price tours / services
  • Profit margin vs. salary // Where you can cut costs
  • Time // Income 
  • Expenses // Profitability
  • And much more..

Are you competing with other tourism companies on price? Or worried about profit margins? Or even forgetting to price in your own salary?

Many tour operators could be making more profit, but to do that you have to understand metrics such as fixed and variable costs. To make money, you need to have a grasp of what guests will pay for, and where you can sustainably make profits in your business.

There are successful tour operators that are thriving, and tour operators that are just surviving. Which one are you? And which one do you you want to be?

This EastguidesWest course will cover all this and more, so you can price your tours correctly, cut costs and make your tourism business more profitable. Become visible on our jobs recruitment platform by taking this tourism course training.

Customised onsite solutions are available. Contact EastguidesWest to arrange tailored onsite training for your team.

This eCourse is aimed at tour operators and tour leaders with their own tours.

3 reviews for How to Price Your Tour

  1. Altynai Taalaybekova

    This course is the most interesting and useful course for all tour operators and guides as well as drivers

  2. Abdurashid Abdukarimov

    This course is absolutely must have for every young, beginning, but also long year professional tour leader, guide and all other travel industry involved professionals in Uzbekistan, and probably in all region Central Asia.
    In a smart, clear, few steps and with exercises we can learn the economical background of being behind the tourism and guiding. That will help all of us to bring more value in our products and really earn money from our work.
    Thank you EastguidesWest for this amazing product!

  3. Erkaiym Zhusupova

    I definitely highly recommend this course for people (guides and drivers) who started to work in tourism industry since the financial literacy is one of the main tools on our business success. I got a lot of new skills and knowledge on:
    1) why I’ve chosen such job, how the motivation can help you to overcome difficulties in your life
    2) now i know why we should add our salary to fixed costs, how to calculate the price and other important things that i did not know before studying the ecourse.
    What I like also that I’m not good at calculating, but I did understand how to calculate!

    Thank you for such amazing ecourse. I’ll be waiting for other ecourses, as well.

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