How to Stay Healthy on an Amazing Tour

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Estimated course time: 90 minutes

You will learn how to stay physically and mentally fit on tour and how to prepare for any emergencies that might arise. Click for more information.

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This eCourse is aimed at all tour leaders and tour operators who want to set corporate standards for health and safety. You will learn:

  • To prepare a health checklist for yourself and your guests
  • What to put in your First Aid kit
  • How to stay physically and mentally fit
  • Be prepared for any emergencies during your tour
  • What to do in case of a death on tour
  • How to cover yourself legally
  • And much more…

This course is 1 in a series of 12 courses. When you complete all 12, you will receive internationally recognised ILM accreditation.

7 reviews for How to Stay Healthy on an Amazing Tour

  1. Nasiba

    This course provides with a lot of beneficial information for guides . For example what should a guide do when it comes to emergency situation or what should a guide have in his or her first aid kit. So thank you very much for this course !!

  2. Islom Ibragimov

    Today, the coronavirus pandemic has caused enormous losses to the entire world, including the tourism industry. Millions of people, leaders in their field, lost their permanent jobs and incomes, and tourist attractions and museums were deserted. But even such factors have not prevented guides and tour leaders around the world from constantly researching, working on themselves, and learning new knowledge and skills. First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the founders of EastGuidesWest, Sjannie Hulsman and Barnaby Davies. They are with our Uzbek guides even in such difficult days, offering free online courses and using their skills and experience to teach important topics. Although the topics of these courses are familiar to us, the knowledge and personal experiences that the organizers give us made a great impression on me. I believe that these new skills will always be available to us and I wish the EastGuidesWest platform to be the leading platform in tourism education.
    Islom Ibragimov
    Qualified Guide in Uzbekistan

  3. Shovkat Komiljonov

    I realized how important this topic is after I took this wonderful course. It is full of valuable and useful information for us – tour guides. The content itself is well developed with lots of information and is easy to understand. In this course you can learn how to act/what to do during unexpected situations with your guests/tourists like for example serious illnesses, injuries, accidents and even it contains information about what to do if a guest dies during the tour. All is explained step by step and these all information are from real life events, shared experiences of many professional tour guides. Moreover there are information about how to maintain our physical and mental health, tips for good sleep, rhythm and pacing during the tour and food&water hygiene.
    I definitely learnt a lot and I believe it totally worth your time and money you spent.
    Thank you!

  4. Altynai Taalaibekova

    I really enjoyed this course. Everything which is in the course is very useful and we are guides need it very much. All materials are easy to understand. Highly recommend this course.

  5. Erkaiym Zhusupova

    Nowadays, the attitude to tourism will be changed and we have to be more knowledgeable to take care each other.
    I highly recommend this Ecourse who want to gain knowledge on preventing the spread of viruses, the steps of actions during any kind of incidents to stay healthy and other important topics that a person should know in tourism industry.
    The Ecourse is easy to understand and learn material! I got a lot of enjoy!
    Thank you Sjannie for such useful course! I wish EastguidesWest prosperity, success and more useful Ecourses that help us to be professional at our work.

  6. Айзат Турсалиева

    An interesting and rich intensive course. I liked how the time of the guide was distributed from morning to evening. The topics of both physical and mental health were raised. I recommend to both beginners and experienced guides.

  7. mansur abylaev

    Very interesting content actualized for nowadays circumstances. Interactive tests during the course make the perception easy. Englobes health and safety issues for a tour guide, tour director, and tour designers. Strongly recommended course.

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