Stop Human Trafficking

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Estimated course time: 30-45 minutes

As tourism professionals, it is our duty to know how to spot and safely stop human trafficking. This is a FREE bonus course containing crucial knowledge. Click for more information.


This FREE bonus course comes with a certificate from both EastguidesWest and ITMI to add to your CV.

  • What is human trafficking?
  • Where does human trafficking occur?
  • Who are the victims of human trafficking?

By taking this course, you will be joining EastguidesWest, ITMI, and other socially-conscious travel and tourism organizations in the fight against this atrocious crime.

Awareness is part of the battle. Thank you for educating yourself, joining our community. and making the world a better place.


7 reviews for Stop Human Trafficking

  1. Zakaria Abdullah Qasem Al Awadhi

    Very good courses

  2. Skylight

    Understanding of the most unbelievable inhumane situation

  3. Sayyora

    Great, thank you for the course

  4. Reihaneh Ahsanizadeh verified owner

    Thanks alot for this amazing course and facility to use it as free. i didn’t know this human trafficking could be this worlwide!
    After passing the cousre i think i will be more sensitive and feels good to be effective as a single person for a singe abuse.

  5. Adilet

    Good opportunity! Thanks!

  6. waheed

    very good

  7. Erkaiym Zhusupova

    Thank you for making this course free! I didn’t know before that there is trafficking all over the world. Now I know what to look for and what to do if I see signs of trafficking without putting myself in danger.

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