Tour Dynamics and Guest Interaction on Tour

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Estimated course time: 120 minutes

You will learn techniques to culturally understand your guests, to manage guest expectations, and to engage guests on tour. Click for more information.


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You will learn in this course:

  • Setting up the Tour Correctly
  • Managing Guest Expectations
  • High and Low Context Cultures
  • Inter-Cultural Understanding:
  • Engaging Guests On Tour
  • Your own Leadership Style
  • And much more..

Guests will argue on tour, or interrupt your tour commentary if you let them. To dispel tension and to maintain a calm tour ambience, you have to demonstrate leadership. This requires an understanding of culture.

This EastguidesWest course will cover all this and more, so you can lead a stress-free tour with confidence. Become visible on our jobs recruitment platform by taking this tourism course training.

Don’t risk losing control of your tour!

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This eCourse is aimed at all tour guides.

5 reviews for Tour Dynamics and Guest Interaction on Tour

  1. Shovkat Komiljonov

    That is the 3rd course that I took from EastGuidesWest and I truly got much knowledge from that sensitive topic that every single tour guide comes across multiple times during their careers. Managing your tour dynamic and making sure the flow of your tour is smooth is vital to make your guest and tour operator HAPPY and Satisfied! The whole tour’s and the tour operator’s/agency’s success depends on a tour guide. In this e-course, you will learn a lot. For example, the course consists of the following parts: Cultural Understandings, Introduction to Tour Dynamics (Some theory and perception), Leadership essentials (Your leadership style: Setting the stage, Tour group development, Dealing with poor group dynamics, Mindset motion, Engaging guests on tour).
    You know that during the tour there are different people with various characters, cultural/religious/political backgrounds and they all have their individual character. It becomes a bit complex on how to manage such people in large groups if everyone starts to show their character. When the conflict arises between them, you need to be the one who solves it for the benefit of ALL tourists without lowering or breaking their passion. In case unexpected situation happens that was out of plan and itinerary, how you need to handle in front of your guests who came to your country and paid for that and still expecting to have the things that were in the itinerary or in the handbook but you literally cannot do that. So, you will find answers to these and these types of questions. Moreover, it will teach you how to set guests’ expectations right for the tour, how you need to be as a tour leader, how to deal with tour dynamics. Also, you will see a SWOT analysis that gives a clear overview of the various forces at work within groups.
    One of the below comments says that there is a lot of information and some grammatical errors in that course. Yes, I agree that it is a lot of information in that course but you take your time. No one is pushing you to finish it in 3-4 hours without any break. I took this course within three days and you can have it open for 365 days. Regarding grammar, I saw only noticed one typo and that was is. There might be a few grammatical mistakes but I have not realized them and even if they had, they did not distract me to enjoy the course at all.
    Thank you!

  2. nasiba

    Sometimes it can be tough to satisfy all guests needs because everyone is individual . But from this course i have learned certain things that may fix some misunderstandings which may be during the tour . I would like to thank you for teaching us ! I will try to use everything from the course on practice as much as possible !

  3. Islom Ibragimov

    In this course I discovered a lot of useful and up-to-date information for myself. Special thanks to the organizers for this, especially Sjannie Hulsman. Being a good leader and a good host is not always easy and requires a lot of knowledge and hard work, personal development. This course focuses well on these aspects. But I also had some suggestions for the organizers and I would be happy if they would consider it. In some e-courses, the amount of information is very large and I think it can make students tired or bored. Sometimes I remember the classic lecturers at the university – like long lectures. Also, it was also observed that similar texts or data were repeated several times, but not in all courses. In addition, grammatical errors have disappeared in some places, which can sometimes lead to some misunderstandings. Of course, these are direct and indirect technical shortcomings and I think they will be addressed soon. My overall opinion is very positive!
    With Respect,
    Islam Ibragimov
    Qualified Tour Guide in Uzbekistan

    • Barnaby Davies

      Thank you, Islom. This is really helpful feedback because we can review the course and make it even better for other tour guides. Looking forward to seeing you on tomorrow’s Blended Learning Consultation call!

  4. Shakhnoza

    This course is helpful and full of interesting information for every guide and tour operator in order to set an amazing tour for the guests. I really got an informed knowledge from this course and I will use it in my future experience.

  5. Istamkhuja Davronov

    Every guide should always be in close contact with tourists, to meet their needs to the maximum extent.

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