What to include on a City Tour

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Estimated course time: 120 minutes

Do you know what guests want to hear about? In this course, your will learn to see your city for the first time through a visitor’s eyes. Click for more information.


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You will learn in this class:

  • What local interaction means
  • How to show Daily Life
  • Where to include local specialities
  • Classic city guiding mistakes
  • And much more..

It’s very important to refer to the guest’s country and make comparisons when showing your city. You cannot assume that guests know your country’s history, geography and culture. So make your explanations simple and relevant.

You must also be aware of what is outside the window, and what is coming up. When should you tell stories? What should you do in traffic?

This EastguidesWest course will cover all this and more, so you can deliver a city tour with confidence. Become visible on our jobs recruitment platform by taking this tourism course training.

Customised onsite solutions are available. Contact EastguidesWest to arrange tailored onsite training for your team.

This eCourse is aimed at all tour guides.


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